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I've had the extreme pleasure of reading so many emails from those of you that have purchased the InsaneArchery Camera Bow Mount, here are just a few I'd like to share. Thank you & God Bless!

Rancho Santa Margarita, CA

Avid Bow Hunter & Founder of InsaneArchery

Hi, my name is Troy Pottenger. I am from Idaho and am Pro Staffer for NextBuk Outdoors. I absolutely love being able to self-film. Your insane archery mount and Kodak Play Sport combo have allowed me to film both of my archery bulls, bear and buck so far this season! Thanks, it’s a great product!

Troy Pottenger, Northern Panhandle, ID


I received in my mounts today and would like to say thank you for the quick turnaround. I can not wait to give them a try when I get home tonight. I did a search on Yahoo for archery camera mounts and of all the mounts that came up... yours was the one that seemed to have the features I was looking for. It is exactly as I would make it.

Paul Tetreault, Florence, MA


HI Brian, I received my order yesterday, that was FAST!!!! I can't thank you enough for time you spent with me and the great advise you gave. I also ordered the ZX3 for my husband based on your recommendation and the high ratings it has received. Hopefully I'll be ordering myself a bow mount very soon! Thanks again!!

Ginny Schneider, Aliquippa, PA


I remembered seeing advertisements for Campbell Cameras on the Outdoor Channel and found your product on their website then your site via a quick Google search. As a mechanical engineer I love the simplicity of your mount. Thanks for the great product! I look forward to using it on my bow this fall. Take care and God bless.

Seth Bandy, Roanoke, VA


"InsaneArchery Camera mount arrived today. With a few modifications to my Bowtech Insanity, I now have a small Cannon video cam mounted off the left side of the riser. Awesome product !! I can't wait to shoot some film. I found your product by googling "bow camera mount" - found your website from an archery talk forum. The fact that your product is also endorsed and sold by Campbell Cameras was all I needed to place my order with your company. Thank You!"

David Horstman, Adrian, MI


"Thank you. Your response to my order was super fast. I found out about your products through a Google search for “bow camera mount”. I have researched many similar products and even though there are several cheaper options I feel that your product will provided me with what I am looking for. I really like the versatility that it has and the fact that it is light weight (very important in bow hunting). I presently have a different camera mount on my bow and it has worked nice but not very versatile and wish I would have found your product sooner. I can’t wait to put it on my bow and use it."

Henry Amole, Umatilla, FL


"Hi, you said to let u know when we receive our product we ordered. My husband received his camera mount yesterday and he is so excited!! He loves it! Thank you so much."

Brittany Hurst, Williamsburg, KY


"Hey Brian, my name is David Weigel, I recently purchased a camera mount from your website through my mom's PayPal account. She forwarded the email you sent her to me. I am part of a local hunting team my friends and I have here in Pittsburgh, PA. I recently purchased a Drift camera I wanted to use to attach to my bow but I wasn't crazy about the view of it only on my stabilizer. I wanted something that could sit away from my stabilizer so I can get the good view of me drawing back. I honestly just "googled" camera mounts and stumbled on your website. The camera mount looked awesome so I ordered one and already received it! I haven't shot yet with it but so far I can tell it was a great buy! My team and I are excited about this fall! Check out "Beyond the Outdoors" on Facebook and YouTube. This fall you will see some footage from the insane archery camera mount! Thanks!"

David Weigel, Monaca, PA


"I mounted it on my bow already, I love this thing! Can't wait for bow season! What a great invention... it works perfectly."

Anthony Tavolazzi, Bell Vista, CA


"I heard about Insane Archery through the Lake Country Whitetails Facebook page. I was looking through some pictures and saw they were using your camera mount. This past year my dad decided he wanted to capture some of his hunts on film, so he made his own homemade camera mount. Needless to say, it didn't work as well as he would have liked, so I decided to look into getting him a good camera mount for Christmas. I found your website through your Facebook page, and I looked at some of the reviews. This mount looks like it will work really well, and I am excited to give it to him so we can test it out. I am looking forward to getting some good film from out hunts. If my dad likes the mount, there is a good chance I will be getting another one for myself next year. Thanks again for everything "

Nick Heckenkamp, Wales, WI


"Thanks for the quick reply and great service! I heard about your products on Archery Talk (where else? LOL) and love my Playsport. It will be a better tool if I can rig it up for bowhunting and I like the looks of your mount versus some of the other methods that I have seen out there. Looking forward to getting it geared up when I receive it and I may set it up on my field archery bow just to play around with it before hunting season actually starts. Thanks again,"

John Neu, Severna Park, MD


"I was hunting in Osage, County Oklahoma (NE part of the state) and a buck came in and started rubbing on the ladder of the stand I was sitting in!  He was actually moving me in the stand.  Then he proceeded to hit some licking branches and well, you know how it ended.  The fact is it was a great story, but sounded a bit embellished.  The beauty is I got it all on film thanks to you!!! Great product!!!  I never go afield bow hunting without it!"

Steven M. Poss, Tulsa, OK


"Wow, you guys rock. What great service. I have posted a thread on (forum) to share your product with everyone. I don't get real excited about new products, but I am with this one. Thanks!"

Hal D. Luers, Rubio, IA

Senior Member -

Read Hal's product review


"I have just received the camera mount. I would like to commend you on your outstanding customer service! It literally took me 3 minutes to install and I can't wait to get that first kill shot caught on camera! I am positive every Ohio deer hunter that records would have to have one! Congrats on your product!"

Steven Beck, Fairborn, OH


"I went to qualify for a sharpshooter for a local bow hunting organization that I am a member of. They control the metro and or city deer that become overpopulated and can be in close proximity to houses. Thus the sharpshooter status. It makes certain city councils feel a little better about releasing a arrow in city limits. Even though I know guys that can shot a quarter all day long but a deer in front of them makes them nearly fall out of the tree. Anyway I arrived to qualify for my yearly proficiency test and my camera was still on the mount on my bow. All 6 arrows were in the 4inch circle including a Robin hood. So for me personally it effected my shots ZERO. And that is with minimal practice with this mount and camera on. I shot in all honestly about 18 arrows total since I had the mount on camera on. I just did not have the time in these few days to shoot like I normally do. Again keep up the great customer service and the quick turn around. It keeps everyone happy. Good luck with your product. I feel it will be something many hunters will find useful."

Ronald Wright, Annandale, MN

Senior Member -


"I searched and found a couple different mounts that I really didn't like. I happened to click a link to your eBay listing and followed it to your website.  I read several reviews and everyone loved your product. I can't wait to use it. Thank you for a great product!"

Eric Beavers, Plant City, FL


"I spent the week Archery Deer Hunting here in Arizona and was trying to film with a head mounted camera from inside a ground blind. It kept focusing on the inside of the blind because I was too far from the shooting ports. The camera needed to be closer. When I got back I decided to find a bow mount that would work and just started Googleing what was available. I came across mention of your bow mount and checked out your website. Of all that is available, your mount looks like the best solution. The ability to swivel the camera back makes it easier to turn the camera on when something shows up and then swivel it back in place without having to manage turning the whole bow with arrow loaded. That maneuver can get pretty dicey in a blind! I also liked how your mount allows you to keep your stabilizer on instead of having to replace it with the mount. Also, While the other mounts looked like they were "Jimmy rigged" in a back yard shop or something from spare parts purchased at Ace Hardware, yours looks like a professionally manufactured piece of equipment. Good job!"

Perry Dunn, Phoenix, AZ


"I am looking forward to using the bow camera mount. It is exactly what I have been looking for. Great design! I appreciate the flexibility, simplicity and ruggedness. I discovered your product myself looking for a better way to record my bow hunting adventures. Sometimes you find exactly what you want. This was one of those internet searches! All the other camera mounts I found were too big/bulky and limited. The pivot you designed into your mount is perfect!"

Mark Schmelzer, Thompson, OH


"I received the camera mount on Monday. I really wanted a good camera mount for my bow and looked at Cabela's and read the reviews from their mount. Several people said it broke when used, so I looked for a different one. I read some of the reviews on your mount, and everyone seemed pleased with its performance. I have already mounted it to my bow and practiced with it. Doesn't really affect the sights of the bow. Recorded some shots with it and when a Noctournal nock is used it is awesome to see the arrow fly at the target. Excited to use it this year."

Phil Schwenk, Jasper, IN


"Found your product through a search on the net. I have bow hunted for 20 years and want to catch my hunts on tape. I have looked at the Bow Cam and others like it and the reviews are mixed so I didn't go with a self contained camera/mount. I have a new small HD video camera and will mount it when the mount arrives. Il season opens Oct 1 and I want to test it out before then. I saw some of the videos of your mount and I think it will work great. Thanks for your quick response."

Tom Meyer, Decatur, IL


"The main two stores that are located nearby are Cabela's and Bass Pro. Based on what I was seeing I didn't necessarily like the way their products attached to the bow. It looked like you had to purchase an additional extender for the stabilizer to make it work effectively. I came across your product searching YouTube for videos of camera mount shots to see how they worked. I saw your instructional video and liked your product better."

James Behlmann, Maryland Heights, MO


"I received the camera mount and so far am very pleased with it. I've been out four times so far this season and have been able to record deer every time. This is so much easier than using a camera by itself. Great product, thank you."

Brad Losito, Kutztown, PA


"I just received the bow mount in USPS and I already installed it. It fit just fine and just in time for my evening hunt. I bought it for my new Kodak PlaySport camera. I found your link by typing in on my search engine, bow mounts for Kodak play sport and someone had posted pictures of it on It was the best one by far and it is a perfect size. Thanks for mailing it so quick."

Mark Beatty, Greenwood, MO


"Thank you for what promises to be a great product. I am on Ike's Outdoors field staff and I was looking for a good mount. He did the review and I bought right away. I will definitely let you know how the first outings go."

Jordan Fite, Clarksville, TN


"I found your product online just by simply searching Google for bow mounts and yours came up so I decided to take a look and from what I saw, your product seemed to be the most effective and simplest on the market. So far, I am very happy with the product and hope to get some shooting in this week with a camera mounted to it."

Benjamin Squier, Holmen, WI


"I did some research online and found your product. Looks like a top of the line mount. Cheers!"

Donald Hubble, Corpus Cristi, TX


"I just wanted to let you know that I received my bow mount on time and its a wonderful product. It was easy to install, doesn't create too much extra weight, and makes little to no noise when fired. I am thrilled with it, and wish I had bought one before the season started!"

Greg Freeman, Amarillo, TX


"Amazing transit time on that package. I placed my order on Tuesday and it arrived here in Nashville on Thursday!"

Charlton Walker, Franklin, TN