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I have been using the Kodak PlaySport Zx3 for several years and have always felt that the plastic threads on the bottom of the camera were very weak and prone to stripping out or worse yet, cracking and falling out all together. So I decided to have a look at the first camera I put on my bow, it was a Kodak EasyShare M753. It didn't support HD video so the quality was not what I wanted but it was always rock solid on my InsaneArchery bow mount. Surely it had steal or aluminum threads and that's what made it so solid... right? NO!  To my surprise the Kodak EasyShare had the SAME PLASTIC threads as the PlaySport Zx3!! So I put them both on the table, side by side and I saw the problem immediately... the Kodak EasyShare had a completely flat bottom whereas the PlaySport Zx3 was much more contemporary with a radius bottom. I also noticed that the PlaySport Zx3 easily teetered back and forth and had very little surface actually touching the table. Therein lies the problem... the Zx3 has only a 1/2" x 3/8" pad which actually touches the mount surface and it has to hold the entire weight of the  camera on the mount as well as any movement or vibration. No wonder it seemed impossible to

get it aligned on the screw properly. I absolutely love my PlaySport Zx3, so we set out to find a solution and here’s what we've come up with.  We've developed a small cradle to enhance the stability and performance. This cradle will insure that the camera is perfectly perpendicular to the swing arm (or tripod base), dramatically improving the overall strength and stability. This added stability also protects the plastic threads by insuring that the camera and screw are perfectly aligned as it is tightened to the bow mount. The pressure of affixing it to the bow is evenly distributed across the entire cradle. With the cradle in place, the contact surface is increased from 1/2” x 3/8” to 1.75"”x 5/8” - that’s almost 400% more surface contact!! The cradle also relieves the stress put on the thread making it almost impossible to over tighten or strip the threads. DO NOT place a washer between the Cradle and swing arm.

For proper installation please ensure the small divot on the inside of the PlaySport Cradle is on the same side of the camera as the door for the battery and SD card. With proper installation, you should be able to fully open the door and easily remove the battery and/or the SD card without removing the camera from the InsaneArchery bow mount. The camera should also be perpendicular to the InsaneArchery swing arm.


InsaneArchery/PlaySport Zx3 Cradle   

$6.95 + $1.95 S&H                                       

Note: This product has been designed to work with Zx3. It WILL NOT work with the Zx5.