Reasons to get
Ultra Tough
Light Weight
Captive Hardware
180 Degree Motion
Optional Mounting
Camera Protection
100% Guarantee
The InsaneArchery Camera Bow Mount has incorporated 100% captive hardware which eliminates the need to use tools once it's attached to a bow. That means no loose screws, nuts or bolts that could fall off in the blind or tree stand. Dropping a small piece of hardware from your tree stand would definitely ruin your video experience.

The result is an "all in one" unit that once mounted to the bow, is totally self contained regardless if the camera is mounted or not. You never need to hunt for a nut or wrench to attach the camera. Simply align the base screw with your camera's tripod mounting hole, normally located at the bottom of the camera, then hand-tighten using the large, easy to grip rosette knob.
Large rosette knob is easy to grip, even
in cold weather when you're wearing thick
Locking e-clamp assures that the camera mount knob and tripod screw stay securely attached to the swing arm, regardless if there is a camera attached.